Warehousing and terminal services

Warehousing is one of the most important links in logistic chain of cargo delivery. The quality of the service depends not only on delivery time to consignee, but also on qualitative characteristics and intactness of cargo.

For this reason, in the framework of the partnership Сeppelin has chosen to collaborate only with approved storage compounds, which are located within the city and have all necessary equipment for cargo handling and storage. Most of the warehouses are located in close proximity to major seaports and are easily accessible for trucks, and some of them have the opportunity of cargo acceptance and shipment by rail.

All storage compounds are equipped with modern specialized machinery, such as:

  • • handling equipment;
  • • heating system;
  • • CCTV, security and access control system;
  • • fire alarm system;
  • • fire-extinguishing system in storage rooms.


Both "common goods" as well as goods requiring special treatment and appropriate technology can be handled at these warehouses. At your request we can make over-packing, unpacking and sampling of the required sales units of the whole consignment of the stored cargo. If necessary, we will make weighing, labeling and palletizing of cargo, repairing of tare and packaging.

The storage services that we offer our customers are as follows:

  • • Cargo delivery to warehouse, handling operations;
  • • Cargo acceptance (by piece, by boxes, by pallets);
  • • Storage in accordance with the requirements stated by a client;
  • • Order batching for further sale of goods;
  • • Marking, weighing operations;
  • • Preparation of cargo for shipment (packing, repacking, palletizing and stretch wrapping);
  • • Reweighing of goods (on request or assignment of customs clearance);
  • • Inventory control of goods movement;
  • • Reporting to a client;
  • • Filing of transport documentation;
  • • Screening of defects
  • • Shipping
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Address: office 422, 15 Anapskoye Shosse Street,
353907 Novorossiysk/Krasnodar region/Russia

Phone/Fax:  +7 (8617) 600 640
                    +7 (800) 2500 640

e-mail: info@cpln.ru



Address for posting by Russian Post
The group of companies CEPPELIN LTD p/o box 57
353907 Novorossiysk
Krasnodar region

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