Сeppelin truck fleet

Zeppelin group of companies owns a fleet of 12  truck tractors and container chassis for containerized cargo transportation of all types, as well as 4 motor trucks of small capacity to deliver goods with weight from 500 kg to 10 tones.

Modern vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation. Our drivers have a huge experience both in transportation to remote areas and in transportation to the Southern Federal District. Managing our truck fleet allows us to build a logistic chains of door-to-door deliveries according to hourly schedule.

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Address: office 422, 15 Anapskoye Shosse Street,
353907 Novorossiysk/Krasnodar region/Russia

Phone/Fax:  +7 (8617) 600 640
                    +7 (800) 2500 640

e-mail: info@cpln.ru



Address for posting by Russian Post
The group of companies CEPPELIN LTD p/o box 57
353907 Novorossiysk
Krasnodar region

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