Integrated transport solutions of any complexity

Сeppelin has a unique experience in the transportation of various loads - from ocean-going vessel to cargo pallet. 

We care about every customer and are ready to offer an individual approach in solving the problems of transportation of goods from around the world. In addition to the containerized cargo forwarding we deal with the transportation of dangerous, heavy and oversize loads that require special attention, experience and professionalism on a day-to-day basis.

Сeppelin companies group can offer ready and proven solutions on a range of transport services concerning not only the delivery of goods to/from China and Turkey, but also from/to Japan, Korea and other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as Europe, Africa and America.

We work on all types of transport - sea, road, rail and air.

Sea shipping is one of the main activities of the Company. Over 80% of the world's cargo is carried by maritime transport since it allows delivering around the world with maximum safety and at a low cost. Stable partnership with leading shipping lines allows to use the most competitive freight rates and chooses the best route and method of delivery. 


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Address: office 422, 15 Anapskoye Shosse Street,
353907 Novorossiysk/Krasnodar region/Russia

Phone/Fax:  +7 (8617) 600 640
                    +7 (800) 2500 640




Address for posting by Russian Post
The group of companies CEPPELIN LTD p/o box 57
353907 Novorossiysk
Krasnodar region

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